The waitress almost collapses, when she noticed the tip she got…


The upcoming year seemed to be very difficult and stressful for one single mother, Trisha Murphy, who had a lot of difficult challenges ahead of her. But, when she wasn’t expecting a miracle happened to her, which came to her as a friendly stranger.

This single mother does everything she can for her children.

She even works at two places in order to have enough money for food, clothing, and shelter for her children. Murphy works as a waitress at Denny’s and also in the second shift in a public nursing home. At the same time, she went back to school to finish her education.

Unluckily for her, she did not have any money or luck before Christmas, as her car was towed and damaged.

She was destroyed and disappointed, as she saw the bill of $ 735 for her car. At that very moment, Murphy began to seek for a way to make Christmas possible for her children.

At Denny’s, she came one day sad and defeated. The single mom explored already every other possibility to start working somewhere else so that she could have enough money for Christmas for her children. However, on that day she had a funny feeling that she would go home with enough money for Christmas.

“I can’t stop thinking about that. I’ve been worried sick for days” – explained Murphy.

The single mother knew that she had a lot of work to do, so she put a kind smile on her face and went back to work.

On one of her tables, Murphy saw three customers, men, that were waiting to be served. The moment she noticed them, she saw that they weren’t any businessmen, due to their not so stylish clothes. However, Murphy was friendly and kind while serving them.

The conversation was led to the upcoming holidays and Murphy was desperately trying to avoid the topic.

Murphy didn’t want to talk about her situation, but her voice and worries betrayed her difficult situation. At that moment she finally admitted that she wanted to celebrate Christmas only because of her children. The men noticed that Murphy had a lot on her mind and that she was stressed out.

One of the three men noticed that and he told her that he was Santa – a friendly joke according to Murphy.

Usually, at Denny’s the customers, bring their bills to the hostess stand to control them. At that moment, one of the men insisted that Murphy should control their bill.

The single mother almost collapsed, as she took the bill in her hand and saw that she got a tip in the amount of $ 500.

“Merry Christmas, my dear” – the man told her on his way out.

“I have no idea who this man is, I also don’t know his name, but I really hope that he knows that he saved Christmas for me and my kids… Today was the day when I met Santa!”

As she was closing the bill, Murphy could hardly grasp what happened to her. Then she understood that the men weren’t joking when he said, he was Santa. And exactly this man saved Christmas for Murphy’s children.

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