The Instagram King part of the Nithiin’s ‘LIE’!


The upcoming movie “LIE” from the producer Nithiin is expected to be a popular movie and a movie of international standards where many of the scenes are planned to be shot on different destinations. So this time the producers have come up with new headlines since they convinced a very popular internet celeb to be part of the movie.

The Instagram King or also known as Dan Bilzerian was convinced to take part in Nithiin’s starter. Photo of him and Bilzerian was shared on his Twitter profile, showing both of them working together. Nithiin’s also expressed his motivation and wrote: “Thanks Dan Bilzerian for being such a sport and for being part of our film… You are a total natural!!!”

The internet sensation and socialite Dan Bilzerian is going to be part of the Nithiin’s first movie and not only Bilzerian but also the whole film crew is excited to work with this American celeb. The popularity of the Instagram King is expected to also bring huge popularity to the movie. However, the Instagram King seems to really love taking his career and popularity to the next level – and becoming a famous actor.

The public awaits to see what role Bilzerian will have in the movie. The schedule in India comes to an end and the crew will be shooting the following two months in the USA. Moving to the movie’s shooting to the USA will allow Dan Bilzerian to be closer to his family and friends since he already has two huge mansions in America – in Las Vegas and in Florida.

The Instagram King gets support not only from his fans but also from his movie crew – and everybody seems to love him. The team stated that it’s easy and fun to work with Bilzerian and he is a total natural in front of the cameras.

The movie is directed by Hanu Raghavapudi and the female lead role is Megha Akash.


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